The different memberships of the Consortium consist of 

  • Founding members
  • Ordinary members / student members
  • Honorary members.
Membership fees
  • Student members: 30 USD / year
  • Ordinary members: 60 USD / year
  • Honorary members: free 
Founding and Ordinary Members

The founding members are the initial members of the Consortium, thus, the signatories of the present by-laws.

Anyone whose application for membership is accepted and approved by the General Meeting may become an ordinary member. The Board may propose to the General Meeting candidates for acceptance and approval as ordinary members.

Honorary Members

The Board may invite anyone to become an honorary member who, in the opinion of the Board, has made a sufficiently great contribution to the field of rehabilitation robotics. The General Meeting shall approve the persons proposed by the Board as honorary members. Honorary members enjoy all the rights and privileges of the ordinary members, in particular, have voting rights.

Membership Application and acceptance

Applications for membership are made in the form as determined by the Board and sent to the Board. Applications through the consortium’s website are possible and are validated by the Board.

Member’s Acceptance of By-Laws Membership of the Consortium implies that the adhesion is without any reserve to the present by-laws as well as to any decisions validly taken by the organs of the Association.


Members shall not be personally liable for Consortium debts. The Association’s liability is limited to the Association’s assets.

Membership Termination

 Membership shall be terminated upon: a) resignation of the respective member; the resignation shall be in writing and notified to the Board; b) death or dissolution of the respective member; c) a resolution to be expelled as a member adopted by the Board following the non-payment of membership dues (despite the setting of a reasonable extension of time for payment (of at least 60 days) and the provision of two reminders); d) a resolution to be expelled as a member for valid reason adopted by the General Meeting upon the proposal of the Board.

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